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SAG Awards 2011

And so SAG was here last night and I have picked my winners for the hits and misses. As the Golden Globe dress, Mila Kunis did very well this round and followed the First Lady and wore a red Alexander McQueen dress. Julia Stiles surprised me in her Monique Lhuillier dress but oh so beautiful with that white and blue. Natalie Portman didn’t do very well for me at the Golden Globes, but it’s really nice to see her on my hit list. Ever since she announced her pregnancy she has worn very floaty dresses which just makes her look bigger but thanks to Azurro she is stunning in this simple white dress that shows off her little bump. Finally Kim made an excellent choice going with the Brittish designer Marchesa and that colour is stunning on her. Thumbs up!

Now over to the less impressive choices. Fair enough, you need to promote the film Black Swan but not actually come as a ballerina. Everything from the dress to the hair and make up just feels so wrong for Winona Ryder. Rosario came in a J.Mendel dress which is fine but very plain and no wow factor at all. I wouldn’t expect Hailee not to go for something young and colorful but the Prada dress feels a bit too much for me combining strong pink with orange. Same with the Oscar de la Renta dress, normally I love that designer but this feels wrong with the black bow hanging a bit like soggy fruit..? Sorry but there is always a next time!


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Get ready for Tweed Jackets

It’s so Chanel and I promise you that you will not struggle finding a nice tweed jacket for this Spring. I found the below six so easy and it’s entirely up to you how much you want to spend on them. Either you go expensive with Moschino (who have lots of them to choose from), Oscar de la Renta or D&G. Or you pop into Mango or Debenhams and find them from Betty Jackson or Windsmoor. I have made sure to secure two from this Fall – one from Mango and one from Flash (Sweden) and can’t wait when the weather is warm enough to wear them!

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Easy blush – yes please

I have been using the YSL Blush now for at least 5 years and I am really happy with it, one pack lasts for a year (and I use it daily), easy to apply and really sticks to your skin as well. They are not cheap, but trust me – it’s an investment well made. However – my eyes are now looking at this Givenchy Jelly Blush which looks very much in line with what I appreciate which is “easy to use and very convenient”. I think this is well worth trying to have it in your bag as a complement rather than putting your morning makeup in your bag to then take it all out again the next day. If anyone of you have tried it let me know what you think of it!


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What is in your handbag?

If I could combine my own handbag and the content I would without a doubt go for the following items. Living and commuting in London means that you will Oyster yourself in and out a couple of times a day, the Aspinal travel card holder is perfect for this as I don’t need to take out my entire purse for this which can get on my nerves in the morning (!!!).

My purse would be the Mulberry Pouch as it is big enough to fit the notes and the change you need – keep it simple! For the everyday life, your meetings, your plans I highly recommend getting a Filofax. They are so great to have, and once you get one I swear you will have better check on your life. To top it all off and to “glam up” my keys I would go for a Tiffanys key ring, classy as usual.

Over to the bags, I found both from Zara Online. One to match my white blazer and the red one to brighten up those gloomy grey days in London.

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Christian Louboutin

Look at these fabulous sandals from Christian Louboutin! I was browsing NAP and saw them and I think  they are absolutely stunning. If you have weddings planned for this summer it would be a nice investment to make. They are probably quite difficult to walk in as the heel is pretty high and doesn’t give you much room to stand on… but you would get the attention!


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I have a couple of dreams that has been with me for such a long time now. One of them is to maybe one day be the proud bearer of these Fusion Rings from Georg Jensen as I think they are the only rings your fingers need to look good without overdoing it. It’s not bling party rings so don’t get them for that purpose (unless if you pack them with diamonds!!) – they are the perfect well balanced everyday ring you need. I would go for a set of three , probably one of each color as I think that would make them more interesting. Now – I just need to get them and stop pining. But we all know that is half of the pleasure when you dream and save to get that one thing you really want!

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Bacelets.. a girls best friend?

I love statements bracelets that are unique and special. I pulled together a couple that I absolutely adore and love but would take a bit out of your bank account though. However, they would go with so much so there is no doubt that if you get one it won’t be worn – especially the Cartier love bracelet. Hermes have gone a bit Frey Wille as well which I like but my favorite is still the red bracelet with the gold H on it. And how can you not gasp at all the colors from Frey Wille – especially when you pass their shop on Regent Street?!

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