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New Mulberry Taylor oversized satchel

Oh la la – I really fancy this soon to be released Mulberry Taylor satchel in black. So pretty, classy and work with that nice work outfit. Its pretty pricey so you need to cough up with £950 if you want it hanging on your shoulder! Hepp -I like!


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The sun is here – 10 tips for your body and mind

And it’s Easter Holiday weekend with bank holidays and they predict even more sun in London. It’s been a long winter and I bet your skin has suffered so follow the ten easy steps to boost your body, skin and prepare your body for Spring and even more sun!!

1) Protect your skin with a day creme that also has a sun block. Not protecting you skin is not an option unless if you are keen on getting more wrinkles. A good option is to go for Clinique repairwear lift with SPF 15.

2) A quick fix to get some color in your face is to use a bit of self tanning lotion. There are a lot of different good products out there, you can mix it in your day creme if you want to go safe. If you apply on to your body, make sure you scrub it first to remove your dead cells.

3) Avoid the quick fix sugar and go for a healthier option like fruit and nuts.

4) Just as with clothes, it’s good to have different perfumes for different times of the year. I really like the new Jimmy Choo perfume that is quite light but nice fruity tones.

5) The bitter truth is that there is no miracle against cellulite, but your skin can get more firm by regularly use a cream like Shiseidos Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel. We all know that the real work comes from hard work out and drinking a lot of water.

6) Take a quick look at your hair color and see if it needs a new boost, during Spring it’s nice to go slightly blonder with highlights.

7) Moisture is key – invest in a body butter that gives you plenty of nourishing. For your dehydrated face that needs extra care – get a lightweight, concentrated serum from Eve Lom which is easily absorbed and will improve skin hydration and radiance.

8 ) Peel those feet of yours and get a nice pedicure. They are coming out now and need to look great in your sandals!

9) This Spring it’s all about the lips, don’t be afraid to mix coral with red to find the best mix that suit your skin tone.

10) Finally, stress less! Stress impacts your body inside and out and it’s well worth taking a break now and then and enjoy the small moments. Life is good!

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Another one for the office

If you have a job where you need to look good all the time I would really recommend something like this. Lovely basic pretty Christian Loboutin heals, creme shirt from By Malene Birger, creme skirt from French Connection topping it up with a cool blur DKNY clutch. Hepp hepp – I like!

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Tip for a primer!

Then trust me on this one and go for the Smashbox photo finish primer. It’s genuinely a superb product and well worth the investment – have had mine for a year now and soon coming to an end. There is a reason why everyone are celebrating this product to be the one so jump on the wagon and get one you too to get that perfect finish in your face!

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Marchesa is a favourite

Marchesa has definitely become a favorite of mine of late. The designs are so pretty and so perfect it’s sometimes breathtaking. The dress that Olivia Wilde had on the Golden Globes was such a piece of art and I love this Olivia in this white short dress from the designer. Would be such a dream to have one of these in the wardrobe. And Olivia has got such a good taste…

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Getting ready for the commute

Right… So I will very very soon get a longer commute to work as am moving to my new house (very exciting!!!) and therefore have to sort out good footwear. A friend of mine praise these Easytones and say she def feels stronger muscles in her legs after using them. Now, it´s not a very sexy style wearing smart clothes to work combined with a pair of pink trainers, BUT it’s kind of essential to be able to move quick in this city – especially in rush hour commute which can be a nightmare! Easytone goes on my to-get list and will review for you all after a couple of weeks.

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MAC Flighty Collection

MAC does it again! This time it’s their cosmetic Flighty collection which consists of 15 different creamy eye shadows and colorful mascaras to go with it. MAC is certainly special in promoting their collections and really find ways of putting the make up in the right light and style to make you want to run to the shop and buy it all! The Flighty collection is released in the US on the 5th of May so be patience you have to wait a bit longer.

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