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The big day is getting closer

Wedding cutlery Mr Mrs

To all of my lovely and sweet readers! I just wanted to drop you all a note to let you know that I will be getting married in 2.5 weeks (eeeek!!) and at the moment the wedding is consuming all my time hence my blogging has been so poor. Soz! I will be back though after the honeymoon with more fashion and beauty content including a new website which I am very excited about! There will be posts but not as frequent Im afraid. Hugs and kisses to all of you, toodels! xx


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More than a top coat


Yves Saint Laurent Cool Pop Hip Ice Coat Nail Polish

I think this is brilliant. YSL has come out with a new top coat La Laque Couture Tie And Dye. Basically, you can decide the colour and the shade yourself by shaking it to add a hint of colour – or you go for a subtle graduated one by not shaking it. How fab is that? They are available in four different colours, Cool – Pop – Hip – Ice Coat. If you want to get hold of one you need to head to Selfridges as they are sold exclusively there for £18. Toodels all xx

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