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The Blues

Blue Make Up Summer 2013 Chanel Versace Nars Dior

Blue and Jade inspires this Spring and Summer on both makeup as well as nails. Chanel has come out with their Papillon collection that offers a range of blue and coral shades. You can add NARS eyeliner on your eyes, give your boyfriend or husband the new Versaces Eros perfume and indulge in Diors new Mono Wet and Dry eyeshadow in Blue Denim. In this cold London that we have at the moment I desperately need to think of those warm Summers evenings…. Toodels all x


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Moringa all day

Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

I bought the Body Shops Moringa body butter when we went to Barbados 2 years ago and the smell always takes be back to sandy beaches, sun and vacation. This is in my bathroom cabinet and I have to say it comes out every day, just bought a new one. Cant help but having a cheeky spray now and then. What can I say, when I love something I love it!!

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Top tips from Citaé called Fairground…

Ciate Fairground

Ciate Fairground_II

Perhaps we should not worry too much about wearing the right shade this Spring. These days it is all about the effect or should I say the special effects. The pictures speak for themselves so I dont need to say much about this new collection from Citaé called Fairground. Different for sure and you will not go unnoticed, quite fun!


Favourites from Reiss

Like so many here in the UK, I love Reiss. It´s really nice to see that the future Queen to be, Duchess of Cambridge, also to be a fan of the brand. We all know that’s what she chose to wear when meeting the Obamas. Found these lovely pieces that is so trendy for the moment, it’s all about nude and beige colors and it has been for a long time now. For weddings this Summer the halterneck piece matched with some stunning emerald green or royal blue earrings would be simply divine.

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Dior Eyeshadow

They sure know their stuff and the colour combinations, Dior does. They keep on producing these amazing pretty eyeshadow combinations and I use mine daily. But here is a new favorite of mine that might be worth investing in? It feels a bit more like Autumn colors and isn’t very Summer inspired – however, we all need something nice on our eyes when we go out for drinks in the city!

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The sun is here – 10 tips for your body and mind

And it’s Easter Holiday weekend with bank holidays and they predict even more sun in London. It’s been a long winter and I bet your skin has suffered so follow the ten easy steps to boost your body, skin and prepare your body for Spring and even more sun!!

1) Protect your skin with a day creme that also has a sun block. Not protecting you skin is not an option unless if you are keen on getting more wrinkles. A good option is to go for Clinique repairwear lift with SPF 15.

2) A quick fix to get some color in your face is to use a bit of self tanning lotion. There are a lot of different good products out there, you can mix it in your day creme if you want to go safe. If you apply on to your body, make sure you scrub it first to remove your dead cells.

3) Avoid the quick fix sugar and go for a healthier option like fruit and nuts.

4) Just as with clothes, it’s good to have different perfumes for different times of the year. I really like the new Jimmy Choo perfume that is quite light but nice fruity tones.

5) The bitter truth is that there is no miracle against cellulite, but your skin can get more firm by regularly use a cream like Shiseidos Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel. We all know that the real work comes from hard work out and drinking a lot of water.

6) Take a quick look at your hair color and see if it needs a new boost, during Spring it’s nice to go slightly blonder with highlights.

7) Moisture is key – invest in a body butter that gives you plenty of nourishing. For your dehydrated face that needs extra care – get a lightweight, concentrated serum from Eve Lom which is easily absorbed and will improve skin hydration and radiance.

8 ) Peel those feet of yours and get a nice pedicure. They are coming out now and need to look great in your sandals!

9) This Spring it’s all about the lips, don’t be afraid to mix coral with red to find the best mix that suit your skin tone.

10) Finally, stress less! Stress impacts your body inside and out and it’s well worth taking a break now and then and enjoy the small moments. Life is good!

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Tip for a primer!

Then trust me on this one and go for the Smashbox photo finish primer. It’s genuinely a superb product and well worth the investment – have had mine for a year now and soon coming to an end. There is a reason why everyone are celebrating this product to be the one so jump on the wagon and get one you too to get that perfect finish in your face!

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