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Love Abahna

As a house owner you kind of tend to shift your interests a bit and now I’m a bit obsessed with interior design, decoration and making the house have that nice welcoming feel. I found Abahna’s Lilac Rose & Geranium range which truly smells of heaven, and I’m not joking. I got the room diffuser from Heals for £36 and next up will be the scented candles. Do go and smell the range – you will not regret it!


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And a new year is here!

Happy New Year to all of you! Yes, I have taken a couple of days off so sorry for the lack of updates but I think you have been busy your end too celebrating the festive holiday. 2011 is here – a new year means new opportunities, more things to explore and more things to update you on:) I found an amazing throw from Liberty and matched is with a nice Odd Molly cardigan and some scented candle from Voluspa. I adore these dark lilac/ aubergine / pink colors – can’t get enough of them. I have actually never tried Voluspa before, anyone of you that have and can let me kn0w if the scents are any nice?


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