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Top 3 Oscars dresses

Thank God for stylists that did a proper job at the Oscars this year! In general I only saw plain beige, creme white, red and black dresses and only a couple of them caught my attention unfortunately. I’m a bit surprised and disappointed as was expecting something really nice and a lot of wow factor but.. nothing… Anne Hathaway that presented, and normally wear lovely dresses, was such a disappointment in her red dress, nothing special at all. But moving over to the top ones – bless Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein for these creations. I love the color and the lace on Scarlett Johanssen and the sheer innocent feel of Mila Kunis. Gwyneth is my face of Calvin Klein as she portraits that brand so well with her image, clean, simple and elegant look! Me like!


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Get ready for Tweed Jackets

It’s so Chanel and I promise you that you will not struggle finding a nice tweed jacket for this Spring. I found the below six so easy and it’s entirely up to you how much you want to spend on them. Either you go expensive with Moschino (who have lots of them to choose from), Oscar de la Renta or D&G. Or you pop into Mango or Debenhams and find them from Betty Jackson or Windsmoor. I have made sure to secure two from this Fall – one from Mango and one from Flash (Sweden) and can’t wait when the weather is warm enough to wear them!

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