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Time for next generation

They are everywhere now – the kids of the pop stars, actors and actresses. They are young, beautiful, 15 years old and haven’t really done much but free riding on their parents celebrity. Somewhere in all of this it’s bizarre, or maybe I’m just getting old and it’s weird to see these kids playing adults popping up everywhere. However, having said that I do like the cover of Tatlers June issue with Lily Collins channeling Audrey Hepburn. Might get the issue as it looks quite good.


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Love Abahna

As a house owner you kind of tend to shift your interests a bit and now I’m a bit obsessed with interior design, decoration and making the house have that nice welcoming feel. I found Abahna’s Lilac Rose & Geranium range which truly smells of heaven, and I’m not joking. I got the room diffuser from Heals for £36 and next up will be the scented candles. Do go and smell the range – you will not regret it!

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Dior Eyeshadow

They sure know their stuff and the colour combinations, Dior does. They keep on producing these amazing pretty eyeshadow combinations and I use mine daily. But here is a new favorite of mine that might be worth investing in? It feels a bit more like Autumn colors and isn’t very Summer inspired – however, we all need something nice on our eyes when we go out for drinks in the city!

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Totally gone quiet

An my apologies for being so quiet the last weeks but there have been genuine reasons for it which is called “moving-house-and-trying-to-get-everything-sorted-in-a-reasonable-timeframe” – which by the way does not work, there is no such thing! Anyway – that is not out of the way and I feel things are slowly starting to get back to normal. Feels like I have been brutally out of touch of late which I solely blame on BT (British Telecom) for not sorting out internet for me quicker than they did.

To move over to more interesting bits, you know Cannes is here and noticed SJP was there. Hit or miss on the dress? Honestly I think it’s actually very pretty and goes quite in line with the colorful flowery theme we have at the moment. Well done her – or should I say her stylist!?

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