One is not enough…



We all have or get them at some point, the horrible dark circles around your eyes and/or the awful spots that tend to pop when you least want them to. Not that there ever is a good time for these things… Anyway, there is a common nominator between the two, we all want to hide them! But that is probably as far as the similarities goes.

Spots and imperfections are best fixed by using a well pigmented concealer with full coverage. The consistency should be rather firm as you don’t want it to smudge easily. The last thing you want is to use a light reflecting concealer on your spots and highlight them even more. Not pretty… Dont use it under your eyes as its way too thick, it will dry out your skin and if you have lines/wrinkles, well lets just say it wont look very good.

If you do want to cover the dark areas under and around your eyes then you should go for a light reflecting concealer that is thin and melts into your skin. It makes wonders to your eyes! They are often also soft in its texture and gives moisture to the thin skin you have around your eyes. Its the obvious choice.

For that reason, buy two concealers, one for each. Please don’t use one for both. I love my YSL Touche Eclat for my eyes (well needed unfortunately) but also have Too Faced Absolutely Fabulous for those spots when they pop up. Both are great purchases!

Hope that helped you all! Toodels xx

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